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Discover Nisyros

An Idyllic Greek island

Nisyros is truly representative of a traditional authentic Greek Island. If you are looking for a place where there are mega all inclusive resorts, streets packed full of loud bars and clubs and 1000’s of people crammed together then Nisyros may not be what you are looking for.

Instead what you will find on Nisyros is an Idyllic little island that is immaculately clean, steeped in simplistic beauty and style and home to real Greek people.

Tip: Many come to the Island for the day, a nights stay on the little Greek Island is more than worth the effort we think you you will find it almost impossible to leave.

Raw Power meets Stunning Beauty

Just beyond the picturesque port of Mandraki lies a maze of hidden boutique stores and traditional eateries in the village of Mandraki. The resplendent Monastery Panagia Spiliani presides over the pretty village from high above on the mountain side which makes an impressive backdrop for this charming village. 

When exploring the wonders of Mandraki its easy to forget that this island is actually a Volcano that is technically active. The unforgettable journey to the caldera is breath taking as you climb its walls. Upon arrival the expansive views, size and awe inspiring nature of the volcano is a marvelous contrast to the habitable parts of the island and yet the 2 co-exist in perfect harmony to make Nisyros complete. 

Things to discover on Nisyros Island

  • Panagia Spiliani Monastery
  • Archaeological Museum of Nisyros.
  • Nisyros Volcano.
  • Ancient Villages.
  • Shopping In Mandraki Village
  • Unspoiled Beaches
  • Traditional Greek Tavernas and Restaurants

You don’t need a tour just go and explore

  • Shopping.
  • Restaurants.
  • Ancient Sites.
  • Museums and Archaeological places of interest .
Mandraki Village - Nisyros Island Greece

There's so much more to discover on Nisyros

Nisyros is a place of discovery. A seemingly sleepy Greek Island pin pointed in the Aegean Sea. 

Discover more of Nisyros

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    January 27, 2020 @ 1:06 pm

    Simply blown away by this amazing island