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2 Island Boat Tour

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Enetikon has been in the business for over 30 years. Our schedules and trips are highly coordinated and customer focused for your pleasure.

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We take a look at the very best accommodations and places to stay on Nisyros Island
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There is so much more to Nisyros as you will discover when visiting the Island. We go to great lengths to ensure that every facility and amenity is included to make your trip more enjoyable.


You will discover a variety of shops on Nisyros selling handcrafted jewelry, art and clothes from local source

Historical Sites

Nisyros has a range of interesting and historical sites of interests for visitors not least the volcano

Restaurants & Bars

Bars & restaurants are open daily from 07:30 for breakfast and remain open for as long as you are having a good time

Bus Tours

We offer you bus tours to the Volcano and around the historic sites of Nisyros


Our Museum offers a fascinating insight to Nisyros and of course the volcano itself

A place to stay

There is a fantastic range of accommodation on Nisyros from small hotels to fabulous family homes

Free Wifi

No matter where you are staying on Nisyros you will receive free wifi in most outlets.

Children Friendly

Nisyros is very much a family island. The Restaurants and Bars welcome and cater for people of all ages especially children. Such is the Greek way

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